The "Spread the Word about Hungarians" Foundation is holding an international conference the theme of which is, “The Soul and its Manifestations”.

Our purpose is to answer the question: What is the soul? Our speakers include religious leaders and philosophers, as well as notable physicians, psychologists, soul healers, quantum physicists, astronomers, and artists.

The soul is not a question of religion. Every day we refer to the soul when we say, "I am alive because I have a soul,” or “His soul has left him". We talk about conscience and “lacking in soul”, or how soulful music inspires us. Yet, we are not able to define what the word means. One of the psychological textbooks even denies the existence of the soul. On the other hand, we experience the awakening of the soul and we believe that our research and enlightening conversations will start the healing process. In our sick world there is a great need for this healing. (In the Hungarian language the root of all the italicized words is “the soul.”)

The conference will be held in Budapest on October 16-18, 2015.

The talks will be recorded and, with the speakers’ permission, they will be shown on the Internet.

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Gergely Born
The Soulful Path and the Soulless Path - The Mission of the Hungarian Soul
What is the meaning of "soulfulness" and "soullessness?" How do these two types of existence take form? What is their source, and what is their mission on judgement day? The Hungarian soul, as a mission. Conclusions of a unique "soul research."
Gergely Born Culture Historian

András Csókay
Personal Experiences on the Operation of the Soul
Conscience - lelkiismeret in Hungarian – if you analyse this word, it means the knowledge of our own soul. What is it that exists deep inside, beyond our brains? When research is done on brain-dead people, it shows that the human being and its personality are not in the brain. The human personality is in the soul, and because of that, every person is God's unique creation. So, we cannot speak of humanity as a species, but only as individual people. To really get to know the real "I," which is within us and is immortal, we have to tread the long path of meditation, and we may still not arrive by the end of our life. This long road can be shortened by extraordinary hardships and suffering, providing you approach it with enough openness. If your life focus is external, there is little chance to get to know your soul. If you go inside, you can receive this grace. The real joy can only be found in the depth of your soul, by the One who created us as humans.
András Csókay Brain Surgeon

Tibor Darnói
The Forthcoming Paradigm Shift in Consciousness, According to Ancient Hungarian World View
The world today is organized in a ”higher and lower” hierarchical order. This duality manifests itself in the form of pairs of opposites, which weaken and cancel each other out, and, therefore bears an inherent conflict within itself. This opposition is also embedded within the mind. The polarity of the "either-or" world maintains a perpetual conflict, and brings about separateness.
The ancient Hungarian spirit, however, observes the world in a system of connectivity. Instead of being in opposition, there is a ”standing together,” where the energies are cumulative, since they are aligned and, thereby, reinforcing each other. This is the ”primary duality,” in which the "as this, so is that" world becomes applicable on the road to co-creation. This is the only way that the female quality and energy can find its proper place. In spite of the fact, that the Hungarian language and spirit are saturated by this ”standing together” worldview, we can’t seem to be living accordingly. The ancient Hungarian spirit has the key, as to how to achieve a higher consciousness, and a higher level of a more refined version of duality.
Dr. Tibor Darnó, Medical Doctor and Spiritual Healer

István Dienes
The Living Hologram
The Possible description of the Soul and its processes
“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force which brings the particle of an atom to vibration and holds this most minute solar system of the atom together. We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent mind. This mind is the matrix of all matter.” ― Max Planck
Much has been uncovered in recent decades, as a result of which, the above-quoted Max Planck’s “Mind Matrix,” has become even more relevant and accurate. In my live presentation I would like to briefly outline the theoretical background of these ideas, and at the end of it, I would like to introduce the model that I have developed, "The Concsious-holomatrix," or it could be called "The Living Hologram.” This model enables the subject matter to be universally comprehended. This principle promises nothing less than the scientific definition of the soul and its processes, and within it is revealed the role of self-consciousness and the quality of soul and its contribution to the works of nature.
István Dienes, Strategic Research Institute, Budapest
Consciousness and Theoretical Physics Research Group

Iby Duba Ibolya
Living By the Holy Spirit
“For as many as are led by the Spirit of God, they are the Sons of God.” Romans 8:14
Ibolya Duba Cosmic Troubadour

Ede Frecska
The Soul Cluster. The Native People’s Teaching of the Trinity of the Soul.
Ede Frecska Psychiatrist

Szabolcs Fülöp
"Be a little point on a blade of grass, and you will be greater than the axis of the world."
In my experience there is place on this planet, which has a soul that is connected to your soul and to the soul of your family, and it helps one to experience the simplicity and the oneness with all the vast dimensions of the universe.
Szabolcs Fülöp, Protestant pastor, farmer

Atilla Grandpierre
The Soul and the Universe
The definition of soul: the feelings of the first person singular, which has two basic pillars of the life, the instinct and the 'I.'
From the perspective of the ’I,’ instinct is the universal context.
The Cosmic Consciousness is the relationship between the consciousness of the human body and personal awareness.
The perfection of the soul.
The immortality of the individual soul.
Knowledge of the soul is the greatest resource for the full realization of our lives.
The secret of the intimate relationship between the Universe and the soul.
Atilla Grandpierre, Astronomer

Sharif Istvan Horthy
The Subud Experience: The Training of the Soul
The speaker will use his own experiences to draw conclusions about the soul and how it interacts with our everyday life. These include his experience of the Subud spiritual training, which he encountered while still at school and his later association with the founder of Subud.
Sharif István Horthy physicist, architeet

Nora Sofia Izsó
The Soul: The Inherent Source Energy
The paradox of the science of matter, which is considered to be an incomprehensible phenomenon, cannot not be understood within its own constraints, but rather through the light that is shed upon it by mystical teachings. For example, the question of soul is considered by modern psychology to be too insignificant to warrant a definition, which leaves its principle subject unanswered. In contrast to this, the ancient definitions by Hermes Triszmegisztusz, provide a clear understanding of the soul, not only in humans but beyond! He describes the soul as a universally penetrating energy.
If we take into consideration science’s current stand, that the cosmos is conscious, and the fact that the effects of physical causality on the human mind have been proven, we find the hermetic approach exciting…
Nora Sofia Izsó, Clinical Psychologist, Cosmo Psychologist

István Jakab
The Soul Lives in Live Water
Water perfectly demonstrates the quantum phenomenon occurring in our world. It is the thoughts of the observer that effect the water that is encapsulated within the living organism. The frequency of our thoughts continuously convert and modify the information contained in water. The observer does not only influence what takes place within the live organism, but could also bring about dramatic changes in the events of human life. Living organisms are consistently being influenced by outer factors. All this information affects the structure of the water in the body.
The basic thought vibration is harmony – peace and love - which means, in the "language of water,” that internal irritation if very low. More and more condensed and stable structures are being created (negative entropy). In this lower-vibrational energy it is possible to "hear" external forms of information. These could arrive through our skin and via the low-frequency antennas of our skeletal system. They are coming through our intuitive right brain from the infinite information of the collective unconscious.
István Jakab, Natural Healer

Nurit Oren
The Soul: Is it lost, hidden or stolen?
Our innate need to find our original being
The surprising thief that robs our intention
The even more surprising outcome of our quest
What do we do with what we know?
How to be all-knowing without knowing anything?
Nurit Oren, CPCC (Canadian Certified Professional Co-Active Coach), Management/Leadership and Transformation Guide

László Ruth
From the Labyrinth of the Soul to Psychosophie
The soul: our inner infinite, life itself in us.
Through our ephemeral form, our soul connects to life's infinite force, and to the whirlwind of birth and death, getting lost in time, space, destiny, personality, history and current events. With our soul, we can get to know the existential secrets that the creator wrote in our soul. Through the soul, we can wake up to who we are, with the help of philosophy, astrology, theology, and holistic knowledge, and to psychosophie, becoming wise-hearted in the process.
Ruth László, Holistic Psychologist

K. V. Suresh
“Small fish in this great ocean”
That which cannot be experimented and measured, which can be experienced and felt, I call it as the soul/god/ spirit or the universe.
Dr. K V Suresh (Sureshji) spiritual master from India.

Ludmila Sztrelnikova
Architecture Secrets of the Soul
This presenter defines the soul's structure and essence from the highest cosmic structure, and sheds light on those facts that prove the existence of the human soul. She highlights what happens to the soul after the death of the physical body, as well as the need for religious rites, and introduces to the audience those energetic processes, in which the soul is involved.
The engineer-designer, Ludmila Sztrelnikova, co-authored more than 50 esoteric books. These works contain the knowledge that has been channelled from the Supreme Cosmic Consciousness systems, new information about the structure of the universe, planetary systems, the energy exchange in the cosmos and the new cosmic laws, from the platform of which, the entire humanity, specifically the sixth and the seventh race, has to evolve in the up-coming two thousand years.
The medium was, Larissa Szeklitova, Ludmila Sztrelnikova’s daughter.

Attila S. Székely, PhD
The new biopsychology of consciousness introduced such a concept of consciousness, which is different from the mind and psyche, it focuses on the psychological processes in the present-time, and it is based on well-defined principles. Concerning its interdisciplinarity it is composed by the adequately adapted parts of three main disciplines: biological psychology, cognitive psychology and quantum theory. In addition to the mentioned disciplines there are some more branches of the science taking part in the construction of this discipline. The general concepts of consciousness, self-consciousness and making something conscious get new, different senses from the usual ones, and there are introduced such concepts as: Cognitive Consciousness, Active Cognitive Consciousness (ACC), Concentrated Active Cognitive Consciousness (C-ACC), Emergent Cognitive Consciousness (ECC), whose core is the Virtual-Real Holographic Consciousness System (VRHCS).
In the light of the mentioned concepts the artificial intelligence (AI) can be interpreted from a new point of view.
Key-words: Biopsychology of Consciousness, psyche, consciousness, self-consciousness, Virtual-Real Holographic Consciousness System (VRHCS), Artificial Intelligence (AI).
Attila Simon-Székely, PhD Bio- and Clinical Psychologist, Epistemologist, Linguist, Senior researcher, Optolens Clinic, Targu Mures, and, Research project leader of the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience and Psychology, Research Centre for Natural Sciences, Hungarian Academy of Sciences , Budapest

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