Spread the Word about Soul!

International Conference

16-18. 10. 2015

Gólyavár, Budapest, Múzeum krt. 4.


The "Spread the Word about Hungarians" Foundation is holding an international conference the theme of which is, “The Soul and its Manifestations”.

Our purpose is to answer the question: What is the soul? Our speakers include religious leaders and philosophers, as well as notable physicians, psychologists, soul healers, quantum physicists, astronomers, and artists.

The soul is not a question of religion. Every day we refer to the soul when we say, "I am alive because I have a soul,” or “His soul has left him". We talk about conscience and “lacking in soul”, or how soulful music inspires us. Yet, we are not able to define what the word means. One of the psychological textbooks even denies the existence of the soul. On the other hand, we experience the awakening of the soul and we believe that our research and enlightening conversations will start the healing process. In our sick world there is a great need for this healing. (In the Hungarian language the root of all the italicized words is “the soul.”)

The conference will be held in Budapest on October 16-18, 2015.

The talks will be recorded and, with the speakers’ permission, they will be shown on the Internet.

Gergely Born Culture Historian,
András Csókay Brain Surgeon,
Tibor Darnói Medical Doctor and Spiritual Healer,
István Dienes Theoretical Physicist,
Ibolya Duba Cosmic Troubadour,
Ede Frecska Psychiatrist,
Szabolcs Fülöp Protestant Pastor, Farmer,
Atilla Grandpierre Astronomer,
Sharif Horthy Physicist,
Nóra Sofia Izsó Clinical Psychologist, Cosmo Psychologist,
István Jakab Natural Healer,
Nurit Oren Canadian Certified Professional Co-Active Coach,
László Ruth Holistic Psychologist,
K. V. Suresh spiritual master from India,
Ludmila Sztrelnikova Cosmic Philosopher,
Attila S. Székely Clinical Psychologist, Epistemologist,
Karma Tanpai Gyalchen Rinpocse


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The reason I offered this painting of mine to the international conference of The Soul, is because this painting expresses that wonderful transformation and rebirth, which many of us are now participating in, regardless of gender.

This coded painting represents a deep calm and a purified birth, and it displays a joyous moment of clarity. Thus the Goddess was born, and with it was born a quality of female energy. Conflict has ceased and the feeling of separation has dissolved. The newly born soul is floating between heaven and earth, and from within the world it is uniting the two, thus there is no duality. A sea of emotion surrounds it, but it does not stick to anything.
This is a time of stillness and tranquility of crystal energy movement with the peace that its wide-open wings provide. The joy and openness and the endless possibilities are reflected in the magic of the various colors. On the other hand, if the painting is turned upside down (rotated 180 degrees) we can see a women who is self-sustaining, and yet, grounded on earth. Around her, the fire is still burning, with a pressure to give birth. The painting’s uniqueness is that it shows the Souls alternative state from the two perspectives, and so, the experience of its multi-dimensional nature becomes possible and complete.
Each one of these coded oil paintings are finger-painted, so in this way the heavenly message is burned into the canvas.